Our Annual Adventures
Our Annual Adventures


Upcoming Events

1. Aconcagua

We are planning on summitting the highest mountain in the Americas. We will meet in Buenos Aires two weeks before to catch up and reconnect, finalize our expedition plans, meet with the guides, and make final preparations. Afterward, assuming a successful ascent, all of us are invited to stay a week after at Phil’s place in Bariloche (right on the lake and it is beautiful).
2. Kilimanjaro Trek

We will meet in Nairobi, check in on our orphanage projects, and then finalize preparations for the trek. We will be securing all our supplies locally in Nairobi. Details will be finalized at the next advisory committee meeting.

Past Trips

1. Mont Blanc

This was a memorable trip, thanks to Lenny who let us crash has his place in Zurich. The Alps are always a great time.
2. Matterhorn

Most of us on this trip agreed that this was climbing in the best classical sense.
3. Antarctica

This was a life-changing trip for most of us. The Falklands, South Georgia, and then setting foot on the continent was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The advisory committee is busy planning our next adventure.

Other Club Events

1. Leadville 100 (not a club event)

Just a reminder to all of you who may be planning to attend this year’s Leadville 100. Please touch base on the private list-serve to see who from the club is going so we can find a way to meet up before and after the race.
2. Fall Marathon

The club will hold its private, fall trail marathon November 7th.
3. Fall/Winter Powerlift Meet

We here at the E.H.S. Adventure Club pursue a well-rounded program of fitness. We will be raising money for our local food pantry charity.
4. Maine Snowshoe Event

Assuming a good winter for snow, we have plans to continue our Maine snowshoeing event (and skiing at Sugarloaf…of course). Details will be provided.